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There’s plenty of room in the landfills anyway. Steffen Presley May 17, Jorge Chainho March 09, Jorge Chainho How does this make you feel? So, let me slightly rephrase my question:

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Official Representatives Chris Lo Employee. Take that, loyal customer. Steffen Presley April 17, I mean, how hard can it be to keep a simple driver updated to at least keep from losing customers? Reboot to get your mac to recognise the io Steffen Presley March 13, There are complaints on this thread, but they might be merely assumptions.

Alesis Io14 – FireWire Audio Interface | eBay

The last driver available that I jo find is for OSX It is obvious that support for this product was discontinued quite some time ago. Some users may of reported that it worked fine with it but we cannot guarantee any support for the latest iO 14 driver on El Capitan.

Nevertheless, my iO is still working fine in OSX I’ve got my iO 14 for sale on eBay now with a warning to prospective buyers. How does this make you feel? This is not acceptable. It work for me. James Deakin March 08, We can confirm there was no on going driver development for these products.


Is iO compatible with OSX El Capitan?

The most recently supported operating systems for the FireWire series are: Steffen Presley July 12, I got rid of my io14 some time ago. I finally “upgraded” to El Capitan myself, and discovered that it doesn’t work at all.

Does anyone know if the iO will function correctly in OSX I’ve been a devoted customer essentially since they started selling interfaces, and now as I start researching what El Capitan compatible interface to buy while looking at this digital paperweight on my desk, the only thing on my list of qualifications that comes to mind so far is “not Alesis.

Wow so i’m left with a rather expensive brick, congratulations on your complete lack of customer service Alesis you’ve made yourselves a company i will never buy another item from.

Confirmed that the iO 14 does not work at all with OSX I sure wish that these companies would realize that by failing to continue computer support over at least a reasonable period of time for perfectly good hardware that merely requires simple software drivers, that they are dissuading their customers from purchasing future products from that company and thereby doing themselves a disservice.


I’m sitting here with a perfectly functioning piece of hardware that is now going to alrsis landfill because you don’t feel like paying someone on your team to update a driver. IO does not work with El Capitan. Acknowledged In progress Doesn’t need answer Answered.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

If anyone out there has actual evidence of the fireewire working or not working in El Capitan, I would really like to hear about it! There’s plenty of room in the landfills anyway.

Help get this topic noticed by sharing it on Twitter, Facebook, or email. Steffen Presley March 09, In fact it works. Hope this change with Sierra. Jorge Chainho July 12, Jorge Chainho How does this make you feel?