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And the most advanced. Enhanced replacement for Intel SBX XENIX is a trademark o Microsoft Corporation rates, two bit timers, two RSC serial ports with asynchronous and synchronous protocols, and dynamically-selectable byte-swapping and word reversing. Battery Status Line allows computer-monitored battery condition. This software assist was welcomed, however, customers also wanted to reduce the hardware design effort. Thus, the iSSB bus has the ability to be physically distributed since it is no longer restricted to the backplane. Detects up to resistor Spec, vei 64 switch or relay inputs.

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Device drivers and example application software pro- vided. On -board diagnostics and maintei. Cedar Rapids Technical Representatives, Inc.

Better yet, call us yesterday. Enhanced reliability Our extensive use of Garry High-Reliability Quiet Sockets is one reason these boards stand out from the rest. Just give us your specifications, any other pertinent information and your deadline.

Bellevue NCR Corp. Vcc and GND- fully distributed around board. Chagrin Falls Columbus Dayton N. High-performance supermicro with commercial software, supports multi-user applications; compact package.


The use of welded seams, instead of screw assembly, assures a rugged stress-resistant enclosure.

TX Dyna Marketing Houston. Finally, the iPSB bus increases sys- tem reliability by virtue of its synchronous nature, its parity on transfers, and its two- piece DIN connectors.

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Base address on a 4K boundry3 year warranty Also accepts and type EEPROMs; hexadecimal rotary switches allow easy page and base address selection in a 1 Mbyte address space. Rackmount four-slot chassis with attractive injection molded front panel. Single-wide, 1 year calendar. An ex- tension of the on-board processor bus provides the means to remove the proces- sor execution functions from the general purpose system bus and extend local on- board processor bus provides the means to remove the processor ajitech func- tions from the general purpose system bus and extend local on-board perfor- mance capability to off-board memory resources.

FCC Part 68 registered. Fred Molinari Sales Representatives: MCM Bubbl-Tec !

Full text of “The Multibus Buyers Guide Winter84OCR”

Canada H4T 1 H4 Tel.: North Vancouver TLX: Includes Z80 anitecch system, printer, test modules. Custom pinning process available, Socket-Sert R. With three times the performance of any other bus system. Compact Yt” cartridge tape drives. Phillip Smith Sales Representatives: Interphase Corporation Metacomp, Inc. And it plugs into most sockets.


In California, Minneapolis MO System Tech.

Another evolut onary development of the Multibus standard is the continued development df support from all Multibus vendors. Writes RGB white simultaneously.

A high speed internal bus and pipelined archi- tecture with a dual port buffer to move data at non- interleaved speeds. Data is clocked at 10 MHz and can be up to bits wide.

Single board graphics display computer with high level on-board software. Make Central Data your choice— call or write today for more information on our full line anitecj Multibus boards.