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The touchpad is pressure sensitive and contains no moving parts; Cursor therefore, mechanical failures can be avoided. The bottom of the Notebook PC can get very hot. Details are given starting from the top and going clockwise. Appendix Byte Binary Term One byte is a group of eight contiguous bits. Do not use damaged power cords, accessories, or other peripherals. Be careful when han- dling the Notebook PC while it is in operation or recently been in operation.

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A Movement device driver is still required for working with some application software.

Drivers for Asus A9T notebooks network cards

Battery time varies by usage and by the specifications for this Notebook PC. The levels of hardware and software support may vary depending on the installed operating system. Some installation processes will provide a dialog box to allow restart. Using the Notebook PC These items, if desired, may be purchased from third-parties.

Getting Started Checking Battery Power The battery system implements the Smart Battery standard under the Windows environment, which allows the battery to accurately report the amount of charge percentage left in the battery.

Appendix Byte Binary Term One byte is a group of eight contiguous bits. The colored commands can only be accessed by first pressing and holding the function key while asud a key with a colored command.

A byte is used to represent a single alphanumeric character, punctuation mark, or other symbol. Also See for A9T User manual – 8 pages.


ASUS A9T Laptop Windows XP Drivers, Applications, Manuals | Notebook Drivers

You can move the cursor over the item you select, and while keeping the left button depressed, moving the cursor to the desired location, then release pan button. The power saving modes control many aspects of the Notebook PC to maximize performance versus battery time during various events. Do not use damaged power cords, accessories, or other peripherals. The supplied power adapter converts AC power to DC power for use with this jack.


ASUS will only be responsible for or indemnify you for loss, damages or claims based in contract, tort or infringe- ment under this Warranty Statement. When the capital lock light is OFF, the typed letters will be in the lower case form e.

Using the Notebook PC Dragging – Dragging means to pick up an item and place it anywhere on the screen you wish. Introducing the Notebook PC 1.

Appendix Notebook PC Information This page is provided for recording information concerning your Notebook PC for future reference or for technical support. Knowing the Parts Status Indicators top Status indicator details are described in section 3. Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer.

Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced. This allows use when moving temporarily between locations. USB allows many devices to run simultaneously on a single computer, with peripherals such as USB keyboards and some newer monitors acting as additional plug-in sites or hubs.


The worst case maximum authorized power indoors are: The Hot Key locations on the function keys may vary depending on model but the functions should remain the same. Install the battery pack 2.

Asus A9T Windows XP Drivers

A fully charged pack will provide several hours of battery life, which can be further qsus by using power management features through the BIOS setup. Be careful not to touch will eject out partially. However due to differences between the individual PSTNs provided in different countries, the approval does not, of itself, give an unconditional assurance of successful operation on every PSTN network termination point.

Aln Panel The display panel functions the same as a desktop monitor.

Laptop ASUS A9T – Gaming performance, specz, benchmarks, games for laptop

The bottom of the Notebook PC can get very hot. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Page 10 Introducing the Notebook PC Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Eject the tray and gently pry the edge of the disc The emergency eject is located lzn a hole on the optical drive and is used to eject the optical drive upwards at an angle to remove the disc from the tray in case the electronic eject does not work.