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QSqlResult is responsible for sending queries to the database, returning result data, etc. I installed it under C: For Unix systems there are some implementations which must be installed first. You can find the latest version and ODBC drivers at http: All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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Build Mysql plugin for Qt Qt Code: To check which drivers are available run this program. Hi, maybe I’m just look in the totally wrong place, but I cannot find the second Qt file you use.

Usually, this means that the database server will use the user authentication provided by the operating system instead of its own authentication mechanism. Please use Firebird or the free edition of InterBase.

We will need this to compile the QT MySql driver: Bjild the plugin is built with an older version, then forward-only mode will not be available – calling QSqlQuery:: In file included from.

Step 2 Install the downloaded software. It is recommended that you use unixODBC.

All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. Run configure -help to see what drivers can be built. QSqlDatabase is responsible for loading and managing database driver plugins. They should be located in the sqldrivers folder. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. This problem will not occur if query1 and query2 use different database connections, or if we execute query2 after the while loop.



Users of MinGW may wish to consult the following online document: This can be done from the command line as follows: Please qmywql to the SQLite documentation and change logs for information about file format compatibility between versions. If you are looking for information about Qt related issue — register and post your question.

mysql – Installing QMYSQL driver – Stack Overflow

The driver source code is supplied and can be used as a model for writing your own drivers. It is not possible to set the port with QSqlDatabase:: Note that InterBase requires you to specify the full path to the database file, no matter whether it is stored locally or on another server. Open the Qt Command Prompt.

Value in database wide parameters starts by definition which can be vendorId or secureId. You need to get the MySQL installation files. The build instructions for version 3 apply to version 2 as well.


Build QMYSQL & QSQLITE database drivers on Debian GNU/Linux

buiod Email Required, but never shown. I tried to install the drivers, extracting just qtbase from http: It’s possible to connect to a Oracle database without a tnsnames. Hi, I did all things step by step and all functions very well. QSqlDatabase forwards many of its function calls directly to QSqlDriver which provides the concrete implementation.

Compile/Create MySQL driver for Qt5 on Linux/Android/Windows

You can delete my previous comment, thank you very much for this very helpful tutorial! It change the path automaticaly: Run make – this should build the qsqlmysql. Most installation programs also allow you to install “development libraries”, and these are what you need.