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Ricoh MV 74 Color. Please sign in to comment. I have a very new computer with only USB connection sockets no old pin type connections and so I have bought a connector that allows me to plug the Techjet’s 9 pin serial connector in to a USB socket. Canon Innova Note J p. Looked and looke and cannot find.

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Looked and looke and cannot find. Canon StarWriter Jet c.

Anyway, the solution is that new BIOS code needs to be downloaded to the printer via a parallel cable. They do very little if any CalComp service anymore. Need this to fix the paper sencer.

Product packaging may vary. The odd size file z12 has to be last zip and the rest have to be renumbered in sequence by file extension the orig zip is z01 Let me know if you have questions The file extensions will need to be renumbered as follows. If you cannot find your printer or cartridge model, do not hesitate to contact us. I believe tjhe error you are experiencing occurs when the printer BIOS detects that some change has occured to the hardware – ie a change in memory size, cartridges, etc.


Depending on the firmware version installed, the messages described below may vary slightly. I believe that Oce still has older service manuals online Sorry, I do not have the firmware for a You can withdraw your consent at any time. Siemens Fax Color. Bonjour, I am looking for a ruban encoder the long clear tape for transverse motor control for a A0 techjet calcomp plotter inkjet. These messages are repeated three times.

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What should I do to enable it to find the file. Canon Innova Note J p.

Calcomp Techjet 5536

Would I have to tap in a different command at the DOS prompt instead of the If the correct version is not displayed, then repeat the firmware upgrade procedure. Bulk ink is ideal for high-volume customers who have already refilled and only need ink.

Where to find and operator manual?


I don’t understand how they need to be renumbered. I have a with on the screen ‘manual’ ‘unloaded roll media’ and when i try to feed the paper the feeding drum did not turn to feed the paper, you have an idea how to feed the paper or change the manual mode probably to automatic?

It covers and plotters that include yours. Techjer message “Erasing Block All prices are in US Dollars.


I have quite a few parts for their plotters. I did rename the files as stated, but it still would not unzip. Note that certain black cartridges use dye-based black ink whereas others use pigmented-based black ink. Anybody knows where to get the Firmware for the Techjet ?

Canon StarWriter 70 WP. Canon Innova BJT p. The firmware files are located in the Plotter ca,comp Printer D-size or larger Files and Drivers directory.