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It takes coordination with the second camera operator to capture the continuous performances. Audio Input Audio input type. Externally, Canon rearranged the buttons a bit, but not so much that GL1 users will have any serious problems. If you want to get a cinematic film-look, this camera is NOT for you! Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted

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Canon GL2 Professional MiniDV Camcorder for Sale Used [GL2]

Shutter Max Shutter Speed. Of the three I bought, two did not have the output cord. The GL2 produces pristine images and canob color fidelity within the limits of the DV medium. I love the ability to adapt many option when in manual or user preference mode.

Canon GL2 Mini DV Camcorder Review – Videomaker

It corrects camera shake instantly. Setting a performance benchmark for a prosumer-level standard-def camcorder, the Canon GL2 offers high-quality digital video with up to lines of resolution.

I bought this camera thinking it was going to be awesome! The GL2 retains its predecessor’s excellent 20X zoom lens. I first started using this rig for “The Sound of Music”.

The Good Excellent image quality and color fidelity; 20X optical zoom; two-channel audio control; 1. How to Sync Dual System Sound. Be the first to review this item. Zebra pattern, Automatic, Manual, Program.

Canon GL2 Mini DV Camcorder Review

L-Series Fluorite Lens Canon has satisfied the demands of experienced image makers for years through the power, design and quality of their 35mm and broadcast TV lenses.


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Bundles that include bl2 product. We guarantee all of our used items to arrive in stated condition, and they also come with a standard 30 day OneQuality. A true full-frame 4K mirrorless camera. We found the rocker switch very easy to control and quite smooth, and the camera’s variable zoom settings let you control how quickly the zoom motor accelerates in response to your touch.

Canon GL2 Camcorder – Black/Silver

As far as i can tell, everything works. Works excellent with routine repairs. Clear Scan When shooting the display screen of a personal computer or a TV, a noticeable rolling black bar or flickering may appear. If you choose, you may first record the analog signal to DV tape, allowing you to create a high-quality master of your original. A prominent switch lets you turn the AGC on and off, and two small wheels make level adjustments simple.

Check out the quality of what I’ve been capturing at my channel “go” on you tube. With excellent video quality, a long list of video, still and time-lapse options and a Even hand-held shots at full telephoto, and shots taken from a moving car, are smooth and steady.

Press the photo button, and you can shoot a 1. The Canon GL2, one of the most anticipated new video cameras this year, is the successor to the popular GL1. While the minicassettes may not be as compact as memory cards, they are tiny enough to pack dozens along if need be, and each will hold from 80 to minutes of video, depending on the speed you choose.


This makes it a good option for those wandering in marginal parts of the world where more delicate electronics might not hold up.

Built-in Optical Image Stabilizer. With this camcorder it ccanon pretty hard to find anything to complain about in terms of image quality when you have so many manual options that will allow you to get the shot just right, at least according to your own personal artistic sensibilities. Looking at the GL2 feature set side by side with that of its larger sibling, you might suspect that you’re practically getting an XL1S in a smaller package. Bandersnatch go2 here to cap a twisted Buy a camera with 24p and more lens control.

Direction Accurate Microphone This camcorder’s built-in microphone incorporates two pairs of pick-up elements each for left and right.