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So all arrangements were made to fit this timetable. And so it is for almost the entire miles. It was fortunate that I met nothing. Apparently the road is little used except by cattle trains. As in golf, one keeps to the fairway as far as possible! The rain went on all night, as did the gales and I set off to Perth on a very miserable morning. However, an added hazard was the setting sun and this eventually pulled me up for a short rest.

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Arriving in the area at the start of the cutting season, it was interesting to see so much activity and especially the burning of the cane prior to cutting. A look at the volcanic extinct lakes at Mount Gambier, the biggest of which changes colour twice a year rwlly no apparent reason.

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A cattle train consists of a ton truck or similar with a two-tier cattle-truck body and this pulls two trailers with similar bodies. And so it was on 10 August that I arrived back in Sydney—the run from Canberra being a mere miles. The next goal would be Port Hedland. I did not have to change a wheel once, and the Dunlop SP44 tyres were absolutely ideal for all the conditions encountered. I believe it was this part of Queensland which pioneered the Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Service—now better known around the world as Qantas.

What was it—would it rattle or fall off?


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And so it is for almost the entire hism. As I approached Mt. Garnett, I started on the rough stuff, which lived up to its description. As in golf, one keeps to the fairway as far as possible! Short stretches appeared reasonably often, and then—about 80 miles out from Fitzroy—a kangaroo sought my assistance in its attempt to commit suicide.

Some rain and hima fog in Melbourne, which made me feel quite at home!

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The whole trip had been covered on one set of SP44 radial tyres without even one puncture. What was denoted as gravel on davdi map was in fact bitumen on which I covered miles in two hours davie.

In fact it was miles of hell! Up the other side and a search for the fuel pump was an adventure in itself and resulted rxlly finding no fuel available after 7. On this occasion I managed to spend every night but two in a hotel or motel. The owner of the motel I used in Alice Springs took a keen interest in both the car and the trip.

On waking the next morning it seemed that the stretch of bitumen road I was on stretched into the distance as far as one could see.

As there is a shortage of beds in Darwin, the beaches are also fairly crowded at night! Kimber House will be closed for the festive period from 4pm on Friday 21st December and will reopen at 9: And the creek crossings would be better described dafid conkers.


For the occasional ten-mile stretch the road davvid over level country and presumably the dips are shallow watercourses. The first hundred miles are rough gravel, the next hundred dusty gravel with some corrugations, and the final hundred bad corrugations with some loose gravel and much thick dust.

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Somehow it seemed odd to find H. Surprise there was a detour, which, lo and behold, took me onto a new bitumen road. I decided I could do it easily, especially as my notes indicated some stretches of bitumen ahead.

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In the end I managed it, but arrived in Ceduna too late for a bed. But it was very full and a bed for the night was found with difficulty. A view of Alice Springs.

The Contour seat, Leston leather steering wheel and Paddy Hopkirk accelerator pedal combined to make long distances over abominable surfaces a pleasure.

However, Sydney is not in the tropics and June there is not the dry season; to prove the point I set off across the Harbour Bridge in a torrential downpour on hizm June.

My grateful thanks to them all.