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I’m going to try and contact ASUS to see if they have specific drivers for this drive meant for Windows Internet Explorer 11 Antivirus: People get a bit scared when deleting devices, so this method is a little more complex, but easier on the heart. New 01 Oct 6. That’s not nice to call someone completely stupid. I have the 32GB cache model. Please share the results of those tests.

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Trying AHCI Mode (XPS 15 9550)

Windows Firewall, no overclocks. The tip anyone can give you that will actually work out the best is to plan on replacing the upgrade install with a fresh clean install of 10! I have been dealing with this proble for awhile now.

I assume it is. New 01 Oct 6. At worst, you restart your computer controllers the settings are reset to the highest possible for your particular drive. That’s not nice to call someone completely stupid.


Any help would be much appreciated! Tips and Tools to Know. Please share the results of those tests. Well, there are some other possible contributing factors that can cause the hard drive to drop to PIO mode.

Right click on it and select Update Driver Software. P i speak french. This isn’t really a registry fix.

Check Your IDE Transfer Mode To Make Your PC Faster

It does show in bios. Lee That means no device on that channel. Log in or Sign up.

Windows 10 64 bit CPU: Login and verify in Device Manager that the disk drives and storage controller sections show nvme and ahci instead of RAID. No, create an account now. I have the 32GB cache model.

Note file name prefix numbers were just to order the tests – they have no meaning. How do I check that?

Now for the juicy part — how to fix it. I just went with what I can talk my average user through. I have included screenshots to show the problem: Can you check, if the drive is still present in the BIOS?


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What does this mean? As I’ve told people before, it’s not exactly computer science, it’s more like computer alchemy. Let us know in the comments. Wrong changes in the registry can basically screw up your PC.

Then reboot the computer. Device Manager – Show Hidden Devices – still no luck. Je n’est suis pas un francophone, je suis en franchophonie!

Eell best place to understand and fix this issue is to go to winhlp.