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The XLOG interface is a low-level debug interface that should be used if other debug capabilities via the management interface fail or cannot be used for other reasons. Each directory and variable is identified by its path and name. The “GlobalOptions” management interface directory allows to change the values of the configuration parameters that affect the TTY interfaces global configuration parameters. You can see the messages from the TTY interface and the link statistics generated by the receiving side. Required by some POS terminals. System Requirements Details Processor Type.

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HOLD hold and retrieve a call. The Diva Media Board’s RISC CPU is used to re-compress 1D-coded page data from the application to the format requested by the opposite side transmission and to convert received data to 1D-coded page data that is sent to the application reception. In farm country, forget broadband. Thus, 0x is rbi-2m like the initial transmit ACCM.

Dialogic Eicon Diva Server BRI-2M-PCI ISDN card | eBay

Index of entry in ifTable for the interface used by this call. Returns the name of the modem manufacturer.


Life in the slow lane: To display the online help for a profile, click its name. Add this file together with a detailed problem description to your support request. The data byte in a real 1 byte frame is replaced by a unique value 0xff.

Leading and trailing blanks are stripped. The TTY driver provides only one management entity, and cannot be accessed by multiple applications simultaneously.

Eicon DIVA Server BRI-2M 2.0 – ISDN terminal adapter – BRI Series

Read more about the condition. After the trace process is started, you can leave the Diva Trace Wizard or close your HTML browser without affecting the running trace process. Smart Home by Brian Bennett Dec divs, See the example for a D-channel trace output for details. This allows the calls to be served by pppd in the same way.

Directory that contains 50 F Turn data compression on. B-channel data adaptation rate [d].

On failure, it retries to open the socket every 10 seconds. Variable that can be executed and does not provide a value. ASCII string, zero terminated.

The month as a decimal number range 01 to See Supported TTY profiles for more information. To start the mantool utility, type: Fax Group 4 [c] [g].


If the board fails, the Diva Media Board health monitor will write the appropriate information to the system log and exit. In exclusive mode, divactrl mantool will use the file lock to synchronize the access to eixon management interface fully transparent to the caller. Any variable’s event tracing is paused until internal resources are re-available. Separate licenses are also needed for environments with parallel services, e. Sets the time in tenths of a second that the modem waits before hanging up after a loss of carrier.

Number1 and Number2 should be in the range It is vital that AgentX is fully supported by this master agent. You can receive more information about messages if you activate the link:.