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If this was a single-server setup, that would be perfectly sensible. In our case, we have only one array, so functionally there is no difference. Here, we see a list of drives, with the top two listed as ” UG ” Unconfigured, Good. What’s going on here? Feel free to use a ‘ Name ‘ if you like.

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Who is online Users browsing this forum: This is a new array and there is no existing configuration, so both ” New Configuration ” and ” Add Configuration ” will do the same thing. Views Read View source View history. In our case, we have only one array, so functionally there is no difference. Never one to miss an opportunity to ask a question; We’re asked if we want to save the configuration.

We are taken back to the ” Virtual Drives ” window and our new array is shown. The provides a significant performance boost, but it is only safe to use when the flash unit is working. This process destroys any and all existing data on the array.

Fujitsu PRIMERGY TX100 S3 Operating Manual: Configuring The Sas/sata Raid Controller

What’s going on here? Please note, we are going to create a RAID level 6 array with two hot-spare drives. If, like us, you are going to have hot-spare drives, do not select them here!


No registered users and 1 guest. Click on ‘ Exit ‘, then click ‘ Yes ‘ and then fujitsk your machine. You are warned that this will erase any existing arrays. Until this is complete, disk performance will be degraded.

If so, which one do I download? Is there any reason why you aren’t using ServerView installation manager to do the install?

A global hot spare can then be allocated to any array on the node. In our case, we’ll choose ” New Configuration ” and then click on ‘ Next ‘. You will also note that the drives will have their activity LEDs blink for some time. Personal tools Log in. We could have allocated a hot-spare during the assembly of the array above, but in my case, I want two hot spares.

Configuring The Sas/sata Raid Controller – Fujitsu PRIMERGY TX S3 Operating Manual [Page 60]

Your array will almost certainly be different, but the general look will be the same. If you should find that DVD in tha packages, please be aware that you need to find a match between the supported OSs, and the version you’re trying to install By default, the controller suggests RAID level 6.


We need to first create a ” Drive group “, which is the set of drives we want to assemble into an array. To make life easier, the controller gives you the tx1100 of performing an ” Automatic Configuration “, but we’re control freaks.

However, should new drives be added in the future and a second array created, this will prevent problems. I now have it enabled.

The controller, being ever diligent and terrifying, will warn you about the risks of using write-back caching only when the BBU is healthy. Its medium contains a Windows Operating System, and for licensing issues, this cannot be made available for public download. Here, we see raod list of drives, with the top two listed as ” UG ” Unconfigured, Good.

Do not use anything here unless you are willing and able to take responsibility for your own actions. Retrieved d1 ” https: It is part of the ” Anvil! It is meant to be a “quick-start” guide to help you get under way with building an Anvil!

Do note that the ‘ Operation: