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This release also fixes a problem with the Mac OS X 5. Please download Gutenprint from our project page. But it would be nice to have a service recommendation then, or even a tutorial?! OEM profiles are not applicable. Selphy is quite simple dye-sub printer and there is only one paper available from Canon and it can print only 10×15 cm prints ok, more but they are smaller. We received extensive feedback from this release, and fixed other problems and made some other changes to improve quality.

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Gutenprint Features

A Macintosh installer package may be made available later; the Macintosh continues as a supported platform for Gutenprint. May 17, – The Gutenprint project is pleased to announce Gutenprint 5.

Canon is a trademark of Canon USA. Of course I have already ordered profiling service but I need to do it with either Turboprint cplor gutenprint and stick to single solution for repeatable results.

Gutenprint and Gimp-Print for Mac OS X (10.2 through 10.11 and later)

Bymany of the printers being released had capabilities beyond what Gimp-Print 4. So, as I mentioned, I print up gutenprjnt test image before doing something larger. Printing support for The GIMP is only one small part of what Gutenprint does, and indeed, the Print plugin may eventually be removed from the core Gutenprint distribution. This package is available in source form, and also in binary installer form for Macintosh OS X As far as I remember this was far too many months ago!


That gave me my first clue that the project was destined for greater things. In particular, its gutenrpint model was very restricted it could only handle RGB and CMYK printers, possibly with light magenta and light yellow inks and the code was still closely tied in with the Print plugin for the GIMP.

Gutenprint currently supports over printer models.


Also, the uninstaller will now provide the user with confirmation that shows what has been removed. Based on the popularity of Gimp-Print 4. I based my knowledge on the first link mostly and I hope it will be sufficient.

Output that had been considered impressive with using six colors was put to shame by four color output. This release provides full support for OS X Claes I have played with my Selpy CP and turboprint driver gimp plugin today using various rendering intent.

What is your workflow for color management? Furthermore, the name Gutenprint recognizes Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the movable type printing press.

Canon is a trademark of Canon USA. This driver architecture allowed drivers to be compiled independently of Ghostscript previously drivers had to be compiled into Ghostscript, a somewhat daunting project for end users. If I try to use colord for automatic conversion then the printing never starts hangs somewhere after leaving Gimp. Thank you for any suggestions.


I have contacted the company for further clarifications. All printers which worked with Gimp-Print before, work also and hopefully better with Gutenprint.

See the Downloads section.

Finally, the word guten is the German word for good. We continued to move toward 5. Prints the same as gtenprint darktable. Have you tried contacting the Gutenprint developers to identify and fix the issue?

Color management with Turboprint is unclear for me. However some photos I would like to print by myself and I need to figure out how to organize it at home.

The main impact is for developers that link against the Gutenprint library. Please visit our project pagewhich contains a lot more information about us!