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Quoted from a user on mythtv-users. If your distribution doesn’t include support for the IR Blaster you may build it yourself. Once the cat command is working it will create a playable h. Only the last one worked for me, but as always YMMV. The HD-PVR is unable to capture closed captioning data while recording, unless the captioning is displayed on the screen at the time of capturing – in which case sub-titles cannot be turned off during playback. Be aware that your PC has to deal with this stream, so ensure it can deal with the bitrate and resolution via USB — as these were for YouTube I decided that p would be more than enough for an 8 year old.

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I have seen something about VLC, but have never used it for anything like this. Compilation errors do occur some times: In fact on older kernels earlier than 3. PPA’s are the only way to get Hauppauge drivers updated in Ubuntu between distro releases.

Ubu the Tech Guru – All things Tech and Linux: Linux Video Capture using an HD-PVR (model# )

For some Motorola STBs, both the aspect ratio settings and output resolution controls can be found by powering down the STB and then pressing the Menu button. Join Date Jul Beans 4.


No matter which route you go, the following command will always need to be run:. Linux for Colossus 2 Linux support for Colossus 2 is through a user mode application. It seems that the color settings have to be adjusted every time recording starts.

Hauppauge HD-PVR

You can of course drop to lower resolutions: I was happy to see them adding more linux support for their products. I was thinking I had a hardware issue but it now seems I am not alone.

However, last night a friend helped me some and it seems the driver is loading alright. The final file will be. Please check the Raspberry Pi community on how to install and run an operating system on the Raspberry Pi. So I contacted support again, which has really been very supportive, and they sent me another driver file, v6.

Use the following process within a physical MS Windows installation: MichaelZ, Did you ever have any success with this? As a result, if you have a “rev c1” or newer unit you must install the HD-PVR at least once on a Windows machine to load the firmware into it.

In Terminal, type the following or copy and paste the following lines, one by one, then click enter. I do this to help others with certain parts of a game or just provide general tips about a particular game.


In Ubuntu, the module may fail to load and refer you to the dmesg command. See this page for instructions. You may even want to add that pkill to a cron job.

Modified the udev rules and some source files to adapt my usb device but it didn’t work. If the audio output is too low, you can boost the audio signal by vpr the following module option for the hdpvr module:.

Support: Running WinTV TV tuners and HD PVR 2 under Linux

I don’t see any links from your forums profile. Click ubuhtu for the step by step instructions. You will also need the firmware which is not included with Raspbian Jessie. My case is the Game Edition Plus, model Click here for the Linux kernel 3. Remove this check if you like.

To record an audio track, for commentary, you also need a microphone on your Ubuntu PC. Originally Posted by SHS. Then I haupoauge it, tried the file and discovered that the To use this option, create a script:.