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The 1st time I discovered the issue I took the same steps that everyone else has tried but still encountered the same problems. Now I’m only out 40 bucks for the time being. Mine is still holding for now and that’s 2 days! I have not had any trouble since. Thank you for posting. I also have another tx that a customer brought in recently for a similar problem, except it happened two or three times and then the light turned orange on the front of the system and it’s not found in Device Manager anymore.

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Device manager doesn’t show the devce at all. Orange Light – No Wireless Connection. Hello chili Yes, Lubuntu I’ve now dealt with some hundred of this model so while some may hope for some driver to fix it I know not to hold out such hope. This is what HP says is the latest. Pavliion hopefully HP resolves the shipping issue Monday and the external takes care of it.

I was ttx1000 HP and BC where working together to figure out a solution. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I’d think heat would destroy the circuitry. And we all wish they would extend warranties gratis.

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Re: W7 Broadcom Wireless Drivers for HP Pavilion TX – HP Support Community –

I didn’t have problems with the screen but if they felt compeled to changing it I wasn’t going to complain. However, with the current flock of nVidia GPU’s overheating and warranty extensions it is creating for different models, it would be nice to see my TX ‘s GPU recalled and have HP extend my warranty. It may come back, it may not. Seems that this is a Win7 problem and not driver since the device is not even being recognized? Thank you very much for your help. If you brought it to a shop and they fixed it with a driver or OS reload it will fail again in short order.


Please, just take a moment to send the following information to hp. Service and they tell me there is no known “pattern of issues. I finally called HP and sent in the laptop for repair. I don’t blame yah! Get it replaced before you wait for it to totally not function Unfortunately for me, i had this issue, but it wasn’t a big deal for me to reboot.

HP Pavilion TX1000 Broadcom PCI-Express Mini Wireless Card

Sign in to vote. No one wants to pay us to locate a compatible miniPCI or whatever internal card and chance it’s just some driver. I get pavilioj on a soapbox a lot about this issue, but companies should recognize there are issues with their products.

I definitely agree that HP should be responsible, but I also know they have been unable to solve this issue to date and I have no confident they will in the future. Obviously, all of you have the pavioion problem with this. Let’s be clear here. The run button only extracts data to the C drive. If they go with the PC-Card or USB dongle and the free advice they can avoid the buck minimum shop charge and we’ll even install the thing for free, show it working, etc.


Re: broadcom wireless driver windows 10 – HP Support Community –

For anyone not familiar with newer HP laptops, a lot of them include a wireless switch which is blue when enabled, and amber orange when disabled. The usual number of insertion rating is Windows 7 IT Pro. The tx is not showing up any more often than other models.

Since it is out of warranty why would we expect them to address this? I thought it’s the miniPCI card broken.

Good luck, if I have any further developments I will post a note.