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It is a customer responsibility to ensure that the is loaded with paper that is wide enough to accommodate 2 application pages side by side. Instructions must be placed in the form definition for N-Up printing. Fax an order to ISFO at While provided by IBM and included in the price of the product or feature, they are shipped from a different physical location and must be ordered separately for the product of feature by your IBM representative. Real inventory that we refurbish and stand behind, since A feature is available that extends the printing length to 28 inches.

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The same form definition can be used for printing 1-up on 8. You can use the Infoprint IS1 and IS2 to produce traditional statements, invoices, policies, letters, and other critical customer communications. Supply warranties are only for defects in materials and workmanship at the time of shipment and are not for normal wear and tear, nor for any usage minimum. Specific and customized reports and analysis software is the responsibility of the ibfoprint.

IBM Infoprint IS1, IS2 Series | Argecy

Actual usage should be used to establish the supply’s life in your applications. When printing in duplex configuration, only one attachment can be active at a time. Other dealers compete against this, so: For optimum print quality and reliable performance, the use of IBM supplies is recommended.

In addition, the new AFCCU enables host-managed, paper-jam recovery through your post-processing equipment, infpprint operator function-enabling flexibility, 1 GB of performance-enabling memory, and support for adding toner while the printer is in operation. Fuser oil, oiler belt, and the fine filter are maintenance supply items that are provided under ifnoprint IBM Monthly Maintenance Charge. If the form identification barcode specified in the Define Form configuration does not match the form identification number specified by the VFYSETUP, then the host will not send the job to the printer.


ID2 Models that have been upgraded from a DW2 only have the switchable resolution printhead if the switchable resolution feature FN orhas inforint installed.

IBM Infoprint 4000 MICR Series Continuous Forms

Three Volume Maintenance Option: When the CSE option is enabled, all jobs sent to the printer print 2-up, side-by-side except when: When using alpha characters in the form number, care must be taken not to duplicate the decimal equivalent form number. This product shall be verified to comply with the rules for Class A digital devices before final delivery to the buyer or centers of distribution.

This feature code allows a customer to order an additional CCD with Green toner for printer engines that already have at least one CCD installed. IPDS supports a command, Select Medium Modifications SMMwhich selects one or more actions or modifications to be taken or inhibited on the current sheet of physical media paper being processed by post-processing equipment. Each installation requires custom planning for attachment cabling.

This feature only supports forms with a paper smoothness of Sheffield units.

The actual height may be operator adjusted to limit the weight of the output stack of paper. Fine fidelity protection refers to the protection of fine details in the print, consisting primarily of avoiding the fill-in of single-pel white areas to be developed.


Call the REAL source! Actual usage should be used to establish the life of the supply product in each customer’s specific application environment. Easily switch from printing production black toner applications to printing MICR checks simply by switching the developer.

IBM InfoPrint – IPM Continuous Forms Printer

Options for Multiple-Up Printing: While provided by IBM and included in the price of the product or feature, they may be shipped from a different physical location and they must be ordered separately from the product or feature by your IBM representative. The font is oriented for printing at print time. A wide range of outline font type styles in a variety of language families are also available as resident fonts on the ‘s hard disk.

N-Up Page Positioning is specified in the form definition.

The form barcode is checked at two levels. These other cables have lengths of intoprint, 4, 6, or 10 meters, and custom lengths. No tool kit is shipped with the printers. Add impact to your statements by highlighting important information in colour. The educational allowance may not be added to any other discount or allowance.