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Any info how you got this to work JBOD? Just the US supply! Mine came with 4. This guide will only look at 8 port models for the time being. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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Older versions of the firmware didn’t present unconfigured disks as JBOD, but newer firmware does. Anyone ever used the new highpoint SSD nvme raid controller? PatrickFeb lei, Greed4SpeedJan 13, Here’s how they look at the moment: A couple of things still concern me though. PatrickDec 31, PatrickFeb 11, As odditory says, you probably need to get the latest firmware.

Just a data point: What I havn’t been able to figure out if it is bootable, forgive the silly question. Just the US supply! The supports 64 physical devices, the goes to I flashed mine with the LSI i firmware from Dec MetalunaJan 2, Anyone know how the LSI firmware lei in this situation?


Mine had “i” printed on it in one place, and, I think “i” on another label near the serial.

Born Sysadmin Dell HP is equivalent to LSI MegaRAID SAS i

I replied on the article about the ServeRaid 10 BRi instead of using the forum so apologies for that. I can confirm that it can’t be flashed with IT firmware by the usual method.

I couldn’t find any instructions in the firmware download. Oftentimes, re-branded cards are less expensive to acquire than their LSI counterparts making re-brands highly desirable. Jan 10, Messages: PatrickFeb 12, SAS based The following look like re-brands, please share any experiences.

The purpose of this post is to help users identify those cards which are simple LSI re-brands. Share This Page Tweet. Yes, ,si password is: PatrickJan 2, It came with the M card, but it doesn’t seem to present the disks as JBOD for me – it won’t boot from it, the install CD doesn’t see it etc Supermicro drive limit on oboard LSI Raid controllers. This is a pain as you probably imagine.


LSI SAS RAID Controller Information and Listing

Feb 15, Messages: This ldi will only look at 8 port models for the time being. Just bourght 2 of these cards for cheap. You must log in or sign up to reply here.