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About 30 minutes later, and it has lost the plot. Is there a way of resetting the hardware? Don’t know if you’re connected via USB or firewire, but you can try powering off and then back on to see if that fixes the problem. I will also try another pc. See this thread starting here: Haven’t received registration validation E-mail?

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I will try using USB2 for another test. As far as my software is concerned, the motu driver is still calling though asio buffer switch callback every 12ms or so. I will also try another pc.

[SOLVED] (sort of) MOTU no longer working in ASIO driver mode

I had other problems that required a reboot or where the driver would freeze and I couldn’t open via asio until I closed CueMix or anything else that had the device opened. Who knew an audio interface could be a security risk? I don’t even think adat b is enabled.

Unzip and double-click installer, enter OSX Administrator password, and follow on-screen instructions. An old trick I learned back in my Unix days was how to activate a microphone on a remote computer and route it to my own workstation. Try reinstalling your MOTU drivers. But I don’t use mine for professional recording, aio it has to be a multipurpose computer.


It was working fine, I was working on 2 different projects lately.

Craig asoo yeah, I’m probably also going to roll back the last updates and see what happens. With Voicemeeter set as my default audio device for playback in Windows’ audio settings, I never have seen the problem arise again.

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The latest problem occurs after running the software for a number of hours. Forums Posts Latest Posts. My current setup is. The panel on the front of the ‘s kotu the incoming audio levels. A botched update install can leave the operating system in an ambiguous state.

The engineers say race control is under UPS and there is no-one else here at the moment, so I don’t think power quality is an issue. Update the motherboard BIOS. Double-click on the controller or port that your FireWire interface is connected to. Sometimes the processor meter in DP will axio completely spiked red, and all I get is distorted chopped audio.


It’s not a song till it tears you apart!

Use WinZip to expand. I have changed the second unit to get its synch from the world clock input instead of asioo. Time to find the receipt.

In a few days, on location the power supply should be more consistent.

• mk III – Windows – audio stops, asio ok until usb reset

YouTube videos come in at 44, and 48, and you never know what they are using. I will swap the two unit moti just in case the main one has a faulty usb. I don’t need security updates. I also had a very high pitch tone going out on a different channel. That’s why I keep my DAW offline This only happened a couple of times but though.

About 30 minutes later, and it has lost the plot. SuperG Max Output Level: